Bluetooth Developer Studio, make it, bake it

Back in November we said there's never been a better time to make something real using Bluetooth Smart. That is no longer true. That time is NOW. Bluetooth has announced the Beta program for Bluetooth Developer Studio and you can sign up here

Bluetooth Studio will make it easier to turn your idea for that Bluetooth bowling ball into reality, or even to help you build a custom app to control virtually any Bluetooth product. Removing the hard work, it lets you concentrate on making your dreams come true, rather than having to spend hours, or even weeks learning how to integrate the Bluetooth protocol into your project. How does it do this?


The features of a Bluetooth device are described using profiles. Profiles are like recipes for making cookies, and why write out your recipe by hand when you can just drag and drop? Bluetooth Studio lets you do exactly that. Want device information? It’s built in. Heart Rate? It’s built in. Health Thermometer, Blood Pressure, Running Speed, it’s all there. Create something completely custom with ease. You no longer have to understand in detail how Bluetooth communication happens, you just have to describe it in the tool.

The Kitchen Counter

You have your recipe and now you want to play around. Sprinkle some flour onto the kitchen counter, begin rolling out your dough and have fun with your recipe. The Bluetooth Studio Workbench is where you can experiment with your idea before putting it in the oven. You can mimic the inner workings of your idea without leaving Studio or connect to a real device and try your new app idea (like a Heart Rate monitor strapped to your chest). It’s quick, it’s fun, and will keep you motivated to carry on without getting bogged down in the detail of the calorie content.

Let’s Cook!

The recipe you made needed a few tweaks and the kitchen counter is now tidy. You’re ready to put your cookies in the oven. Bluetooth Studio can take your recipe and bake it in the pre-heated oven. The sweet smell of cookies will make your mouth water and want to immediately try them.

Generating code for your device or mobile app is as easy as clicking a button, and the results are ready in seconds (yes, it is that fast).

Tuck in!

Bluetooth Developer Studio might just be the tool to democratise the use of Bluetooth in devices and software applications, removing the need for a super human brain to bring an idea to reality.

As Bluetooth Studio progresses closer to an official launch, there will be exciting new features added which will further increase the possibilities of using Bluetooth with your ideas and sharing them with the world.

Sign up, contribute feedback and help Bluetooth become the tastiest tool on the planet for producing Bluetooth Tech and Apps.