Mobile World Congress 2014

And in the blink of an eye another year’s festival of mobile zips by. After the silicon dust settled on the annual frenzy of meetings, parties, tapas and tech, here are a few observations from the Matchbox team.

Mark Zuckerberg checked in at Mobile World Congress

Talk at the start of the week centered on Mark Zuckerburg and in which tapas bar he and his family were spotted dining. It became MWC’s own variation on the Kevin Bacon game: bonus points if you shared a plate of Jamon Iberico with him, double bonus points if your anecdote referred to the Facebook CEO as simply Zuck.

X marks the spot

The Nokia X device range was a particularly hot topic, with plenty of discussion around the longevity of the product in view of the impending Microsoft acquisition. For now the device is sitting between Nokia’s Windows Phone and Asha range of devices, competing with other low cost Android devices in the growth markets of Asia. At the WIPJam hall in the old Fira, we enjoyed watching developers flipping open their laptops to beat the Nokia one-hour challenge for porting their Android app to Nokia X.

Does my dongle look big in this?

Our friends at Bluetooth last year launched Bluetooth Smart and Smart Ready SDKs using Bluetooth Low Energy. The world of connected ‘things’ is now burgeoning, with all sorts of connected devices that you never knew you needed, from the Bluetooth Toothbrush to the Bluetooth Baby Sitter.

In the wearable world it seems you’re not a serious OEM unless you have a connected wristband in your range, with Samsung and Sony making significant announcements.

Finally on wearables – there were surprisingly few glassholes to be found at MWC, but perhaps lacking my own specs I wasn’t looking hard enough.

The Enterprise, but not as we know it

The Enterprise is set to be on the agenda in 2014 for a number of companies, and we could well see a battle of the ecosystems breakout here. Both Blackberry and Microsoft are preparing to play to their traditional strengths within the Enterprise, having recently focusing very heavily on consumer markets in recent years.

How we love Barcelona

This is my 7th at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona and each year it never fails to be a fabulous host. Great food, great weather, great people. Viva España!

Barcelona skyline by Frank Müller via Wikimedia Commons

"The were surprisingly few Glassholes to be found at MWC, but perhaps lacking my own specs I wasn't looking hard enough"