Top Ten Pokemon Go Tips For Beginners

Pokemon Go is one of the highest selling game apps of all time in the US. With its Augmented Reality qualities, it gives a whole new aspect to traditional mobile gaming.

Here at Matchbox we are lucky enough to be in a prime location for several Pokéstops to top up on Pokéballs and Pokémon eggs, it is certainly a hit here! Today I decided to give it a go for myself, with a little help from some office Pokémon experts I was soon sent on my way to complete my Pokémon mission. Within half an hour I made it to level three, and understood why the game is so addictive, with an estimated 20 million daily active users I can confidently say others have figured that out also.

Here are my Top Ten Pokémon tips, even being a child of the original Pokémon era my lingo was still quite rusty!

  1. Turn on battery saver mode!
  2. Catch duplicates of Pokémon – don’t ignore them just because they’re common.  
  3. Transfer the weaker ones to the Professor in return for candies (which can be used to level up the stronger ones).
  4. Start incubating eggs as soon as possible — you need to walk with the app open to make them hatch.
  5. If you are a passenger in a slow car or bus, you can still play.  This is great for hatching eggs!
  6. Pokéstops at monuments, statues, museums etc. tend to have better rewards
  7. Incense is fairly useless, for most people it actually reduces your encounter rate!
  8. If you throw a curveball (by flicking slightly right or left) at a Pokemon, you’ll get a nice Experience Points bonus.
  9. A circle appears over the Pokémon when you’re aiming your pokéball, as this gets smaller the Pokémon becomes harder to catch; so you have to be quick!
  10. In Pokémon battles against gym leaders, you have to tap the screen rapidly to actually do anything (this isn’t that obvious from the get-go).

Check out my first catches below! 

Not only did Pokémon Go take over the office, it inspired us to make our own version of the ‘pokéball’. We decided to make an LED version, but first I had to learn how to use the software and the code. After many attempts at creating a straight line I eventually got some help to create this version below! I’m excited to keep learning, and hope to make one per week. Tweet us with your suggestions! @MatchboxMobile

Step one: Setup the equipment – you’ll need an Arduino Uno and an Adafruit 32×16 led display.
Step two: Download the software.
Step three: Get coding with the help of Adafruit Library.
Step four: See the results!