Tweets, Tech and Tizen

We were excited to be at the Tizen Developer Conference 2013 in San Francisco as a showcase partner.

There was an appreciable buzz about this new platform, with big names and new names alike jostling for attention and all eager to help make this new thing a big thing.

We had two jobs while there: the first, and most important, was to demo our swanky HTML5 demo app at one of the sleek partner pods on the second floor. Right next to the Gameloft team and at a safe distance from the bar, we welcomed a stream of friendly, intelligent developers and industry professionals. Nearly everyone was wowed by our Twitter hashtag app running on a real, honest-to-goodness Tizen phone. While the slick scrolling and snappy performance were impressive, the device itself drew admiring stares and the combined package was a definite success.

Secondly, we wanted to walk the show floor and see what we could learn. Two stand-outs were the Intel 01 area and the OpenMobile booth. These represented two different but complementary approaches to opening up the new Tizen platform to developers. Intel had a variety of impressive free tools, including the XDK cross-platform devkit and the elusive Mayloon Android conversion tool  (we never got to see a demo, but we were assured it’s pretty cool). OpenMobile, on the other hand, were kind enough to explain how their Application Compatibility Layer (ACL) allows Android developers can just ship to Tizen without writing a single line of code: same Android app, different marketplace and boom – a whole new platform and ecosystem is open for business.

This was a valuable experience for us, and we’re proud to have worked with Samsung in creating this cool showcase demo. As Cheng Luo, Developer Relations Manager at Samsung Electronics, says: “Matchbox has been an excellent partner. With its beautiful design and slick performance, their HTML5 app demonstrates the exciting future for Tizen development.”

From all of us at Matchbox, thank you to everyone who stopped by our pod – it was a pleasure meeting you and we hope to speak soon!

With its beautiful design and slick performance, Matchbox’s HTML5 app demonstrates the exciting future for Tizen development
Cheng Luo
Developer Relations Manager, Samsung Electronics