What do the words ‘Bluetooth’ and ‘Innovation’ mean to you?

Last week in London, for us, it meant meeting some amazingly talented pioneers with some great ideas and very cool kit.

This was the Bluetooth Innovation Training day in London, one of a series of events across the globe from Bluetooth SIG spreading the good word about Bluetooth Smart.

The Bluetooth SIG team invited us to wrap up the day’s knowledge sharing with a detailed look at the new Smart Starter Kit. This is a free downloadable package including hands-on labs, source code projects and articles for Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready scenarios.

The Smart Starter Kit is there for you to roll into your own test and demo projects and to learn how to make Bluetooth Smart work in the real world.

By the time we took the stage, the audience had already received some excellent and comprehensive instruction from Bluetooth SIG, Nordic, CSR, Frontline Equipment and UL.com. Even so, we were able to show how the Starter Kit could help not just with prototyping but also with training. The hands-on labs are meant for self-paced learning, but would make ideal components of a training course.

We are pleased to report there was no heckling, and after the talk we had some good follow-up discussions with people interested in both the prototyping applications (a start-up from Spain) and training (an educational institution in Germany). To them, and to all at the event, we say thank you, and good luck with your Bluetooth Smart adventures.

You can get the Smart Starter Kit here. Grab it, use it and improve on it. Let Bluetooth SIG know what you’d like to see in the next version by emailing DevFeedback@bluetooth.com.

Until next time!