StadiumViewer for phone and tablet

One of our side-projects at Matchbox has been a very cool 3D app called StadiumViewer. Built in collaboration with Makemedia, the app gives a virtual tour of real-world sports arenas. The concept could also be applied to a shopping mall, conference or exhibition space.

StadiumViewer puts you inside a virtual stadium and lets you understand the view from, say, your chosen seat. It gives you a look at in-stadium lounges, a bird’s eye view of the whole stadium, or takes you on an automated tour.

Using MonoGame – an open source cross-platform game development tool – we were able to use the same tech to deliver on both Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. And what’s more with MonoGame we can easily support iOS, Android, Linux, and even the Ouya console. One example of a high-profile game built with MonoGame is InfiniteFlight, a massively popular flight simulator on iPhone/iPad (and on its way to Android soon).

Using MonoGame and SharpDX meant we were able to target DirectX on both Windows Phone and Windows 8, sharing close 99% of our codebase across both apps – nothing short of amazing. We look forward to seeing what happens when we port to Android. The apps take Makemedia’s 3D information in the .FBX file format, but this is modular and we can change the inputs to .OBJ or .X easily.

When we give the StadiumViewer demo we are often asked how long it took to construct. The answer? One developer, five days!

If you’d like to see the app or talk about the possibilities of 3D representations in mobile, please get in touch. We think StadiumViewer is cool in a number of ways, not just as a tech demo, and could open up some interesting scenarios in retail, entertainment and events management.