Top 5 Technology Wonders you won’t see in 2015

The festive season is done, you have your new gadgets, and you’re reading about what new products will be coming in 2015 that will make your amazing Christmas gift feel redundant. I don’t want you to feel bad. I want you to get excited for the future of technology, to be inquisitive about what could be possible and to ultimately buy into the idea that technology can solve real problems.

1. The Hoverboard

Back to the Future II promised us hoverboards in 2015. Yes there are prototypes but you can’t race along Brighton seafront on them. We don’t even need Hoverboards, but do we want them? Do we want to spend Christmas day breaking our neck learning how to fly one and then putting it back in the box and banging it on Gumtree? Hell yeah!

2. Universal Contactless Payments

We all need to spend money; some of us even enjoy it, especially if we can do it without cash. I love using contactless payments and when I wave something I trust, like my credit card, over a contactless payment machine, the money leaves my account without near-by spies stealing my PIN. But can you loan your friend some money the same way, or tip a busker in the Laines? You can’t, but I sure wish we could.

3. The Hologram

We want a true, project-into-thin-air, interactive hologram. This could transform how we interact with technology and place us firmly in a futuristic world. It would first be part of the mobile phone, then the TV, then the computers, then beyond. A hologram you could project from your wrist wouldn’t be a bad addition to the human body.

4. Phoneless Phone

Yeah, we said it. Boom!

5. High Performance Electric Cars

Even Jeremy Clarkson would welcome an electric car if it could duplicate the function and performance of a regular car, at a reasonable price – not everyone can afford a Tesla. It would rapidly reduce the need for fossil fuels and make our environment cleaner.

I personally think there are better, more efficient modes of transport than the car, but one step at a time. We’ll take an electric hatchback that can get me to Yorkshire and back with a brief top-up charge.