Bing Get Me There for Windows

Bing Get Me There suggests the best London transport and walking routes to ‘get you there’.

Bing Get Me There for Windows

Bing Get Me There suggests the best London transport and walking routes to ‘get you there’.

Door to door directions

Pick a destination and the app uses live timetable information to suggest the best London Underground route to ‘get you there’. It also gives you a walking option, if you feel like stretching your legs. Results are displayed on a live map along with an estimated journey time. You can store favourite journeys, such as the daily commute, and receive automatic notifications of any real-time changes on the transport network.

The power of Bing

We designed and developed “Get Me There” for Bing, the Decision Engine from Microsoft Corporation. The brief was create an application that would put Bing’s sophisticated mapping functionalities in mobile users’ hands, allowing them to navigate end-to-end London journeys.

With a timescale of just six weeks, the finished application had to look great and be simple to use while processing live route information quickly and effectively. Thankfully we had a massive head start in developing the app ( which connects to Windows Azure-based services) because of our pioneering achievements with Windows Azure, including the Family Room social networking app for T-Mobile in the USA.

Our creative team worked with Bing to create a design that was simple to use, and the right blend of Bing’s brand and the Windows Phone user experience. Throughout the design, development and QA, Matchbox and the Bing team collaborated closely, using live issue tracking and status updates to ensure that the project stayed on schedule and that everyone was kept informed of progress.

Twenty Microsoft staff volunteered to beta test the development and fed their findings direct into Matchbox’s issue tracking system to help accelerate development and ensure the finished product excelled. Now that the application is live, metrics from the TFL Windows Azure system are fed back directly to the Bing team to help continue the work of empowering Bing users to make faster, better-informed decisions.

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Matchbox Mobile have more than lived up to their reputation as capable and creative mobile software developers. Moreover, they have proven to be reliable and easy to work with and brought the project in on time and on budget, whilst working to a high quality bar
Peter Bell
CTO of Consumer and Online, Microsoft


  • Top-rated UK travel app
  • Completed in just 6 weeks
  • Both Windows Phone and iPhone versions


  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Logo Design