Facebook for Windows Mobile

A truly mobile social experience, leading the way with phonebook integration and video uploads.

Facebook for Windows Mobile

A truly mobile social experience, leading the way with phonebook integration and video uploads.

Microsoft decided in 2008 to have an official Facebook application developed for the Windows Mobile 6 range of phones, with the goal of creating a comprehensive, feature-rich user experience that would make use of unique Windows Mobile technology. In addition to a rich feature-set Microsoft wanted to ensure a consistent and high-end user experience across all Windows Mobile 6 devices, with their many screen sizes, form factors, touch screens and non-touch interfaces.

Microsoft chose Matchbox to take on the challenge of delivering this showcase Facebook app. Matchbox developed the app to support all the major Facebook features, including contacting friends with comments, wall posts and private messages, viewing friends’ photos and profiles, and managing the user’s own profile and status updates. Matchbox engineered several features specific to Windows Mobile, including the ability to upload not just photos but videos taken on the phone, and integration with the phone dialer to call friends right from the Facebook app.

Matchbox invested heavily in the initial design phase to ensure the UI would be clear and easy to use not just on the newer phones with high-res touch screens, but also those with smaller low-res screens and QWERTY keyboards. The Facebook app was then tested extensively to ensure a consistent experience across the whole range of Windows Mobile 6 phones. Since its launch in 2009 the application has become one of Microsoft’s most downloaded and popular apps for Windows phones. Such was its success that in late 2009 Microsoft had Matchbox create a case study to detail the app development process for the benefit of other Windows Mobile developers.

Read the full case study on MSDN


“Matchbox Mobile have shown again how they can use their experience and skills to bring out the best of Windows Mobile and find a fit for Facebook that users really engage with.  The download figures and feedback for Facebook on Windows Mobile have shown us the value of Matchbox Mobile’s problem-solving approach, deep knowledge of the platform and speed of execution.”
Larry Lieberman



  • 8+ million downloads
  • 1.5+ million monthly users
  • Official Facebook app
  • 1st with video uploads
  • 1st with phonebook integration


  • User Experience
  • Visual Design
  • Development
  • Testing