The right tools

We’ve been at the forefront of mobile development and design since last century, when real smartphones still lay in the future. We remain ahead of the pack, working with the largest industry players on prototype devices and unreleased technologies.

In the past two years we have worked with Amazon and its partners to create successful and delightful voice skills that bring high-profile brands into customers’ homes, and anywhere Alexa is available – the car, the living room, the kitchen, and on mobile devices.

Good design determines software success. It goes a lot deeper than first impressions. It has to make the app a seamless part of the phone’s experience; it should be beautiful as well as useful; it should never get in the way.

Our job is to ensure the software we deliver meets all business, design and performance goals.  Each project has clearly-defined milestones and success criteria. Using our in depth knowledge, we select the right technology and development tools.

To ensure your product succeeds in the market, we offer third-level support so that your own support structure has a back-up resource. We help reduce costs through training, troubleshooting and fast response times.

Matchbox software is built into hundreds of thousands of phones. We work with carriers and OEMs to integrate our software onto phones and devices. Software quality, user experience, and rigorous equipment tests must all be factored into the integration process.

We love sharing our mobile technology expertise for the benefit of brand owners, carriers, enterprises and ISV, whether that be onsite with small groups, at public events, via webcasts or through writing.