Good design determines software success. It goes a lot deeper than first impressions. It has to make the app a seamless part of the phone’s experience; it should be beautiful as well as useful; it should never get in the way.

Design is at the core of all our projects.

Using a tablet, phone – or any device for that matter – we typically have a specific task in mind and want to get that done as quickly as possible. Our designers balance transparency with brand and beauty, creating designs that don’t get in the way. We want to delight the user, but also build on how the user expects things to work.

Focus on users and tasks

We put ourselves in the mindset of the end user to understand what tasks they need to perform and we strive to make those tasks as fast and elegant as possible.

By factoring in gestures, toolbar placement and visual styles, we build upon the natural user experience. If somebody can use our software transparently, without having to learn new conventions, that to us is a victory.

Inefficient flows are isolated through paper prototyping and wireframes, separating the UX from the UI. This helps focus all stakeholders on the goals of simplicity and efficiency.

We design for the device, its form factor, visual style, and the environments it will be used in. How will the user interact with your app? On the move? In a bright or noisy environment? Can we make use of sensors (multi-touch, the accelerometer, microphone or location) – a phone offers so many more interaction points than a traditional web or desktop experience.

As the UX and UI converge, we introduce visual design and branding requirements to create a beautiful and responsive final product. We have a collaborative approach involving our customers, developers and, where possible, representative users.