Matchbox software is built into hundreds of thousands of phones. We work with carriers and OEMs to integrate our software onto phones and devices. Software quality, user experience, and rigorous equipment tests must all be factored into the integration process.

Our goal, always, is to make sure our software can be integrated into complex systems without negative impact. Over and above quality assurance of the product itself, we often need to help partners troubleshoot subtle symptoms based on the interplay of multiple systems. We strive to master new platforms and develop our expertise so that we can help fix problems – even if not caused by the software we are delivering.

Third-party software

Even if we didn’t write the app, we can help with integration. We can take over from your development team to make sure your software is not going to affect larger systems or new devices.  We will audit the software on multiple ROM versions; work directly with OEMs both in planning future requirements and troubleshooting problems.