Up for a challenge

Our team is actively involved in emerging technologies and is well-equipped to take on complex software challenges, delivering projects that make a difference.

Andrew Farrell


Leading the company's sales and direction from our Brighton base.

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James Morse

Creative Director

Defining vision and quality and designing beautiful, seamless experiences.

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Matthew Calamatta

Chief Technology Officer

Focused on understanding how the right technology can help our customers.

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Megan Rabin

Director of North America Sales

Managing and caring for US sales, customers and partners from our Seattle base.

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Chris Tait

Director of Business Development

Building and planning the business based on tech and business trends worldwide.

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Rik Dodsworth

Chief Technology Architect

Applying deep thinking and product planning to generate sound technological ideas.

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Mark Kirby

Chief Engineer

Setting up the engineering team for excellence and supporting sales with technical expertise.

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We are Matchbox

The team defining, designing and building the future of software.

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