Bluetooth Smart gets us excited about peripherals

Here at Matchbox we love learning, we love keeping up with tech and we love playing with something new. We also love an opportunity to influence the tech world, sharing new knowledge and best practices with our peers in mobile development.

Bluetooth itself needs little introduction. The ubiquitous connectivity protocol has been part of the mobile sphere for many years. The release of the Bluetooth Smart standard represents a change in focus, looking towards the internet of things, connecting people to peripherals in new ways.

Last year we partnered with the Bluetooth SIG to help the developer community by creating the Application Accelerator, getting developers up and running with Bluetooth Smart on Android, iOS and Windows.

We have again partnered with the Bluetooth SIG, and this year we’re going even further with a complete hands-on tutorial to get app developers and engineers started with Bluetooth Smart peripherals. With a platform-specific guide for all major OS platforms, plus a look at the excellent Arduino Uno board, we think it’s going to be both enlightening and fun!

We’re pretty excited about all of this. If Bluetooth Smart interests you, stay tuned for more news on this new Bluetooth Smart Accelerator. And if you’re in San Jose in April, come say hi to our CTO, Matt Calamatta, who will be presenting at Bluetooth World. Either way, we hope you can join in the Bluetooth buzz!