Here at Matchbox we take pride in our work. Our customers want their apps to be truly useful and valuable, and they want to know what end-users are experiencing.

This is where user analytics comes in — as a way of monitoring where users spend most time, where they get stuck, and how they focus on or ignore areas of the app or individual screens.

We recently had a chance to play with a super-cool analytics dashboard from our friends at The team at Buddy brings analytics into the 21stcentury, evolving beyond just stats providing a truly contextual look at who users are, and how you can provide greater value to them.

Buddy provides a mobile enablement engine for Windows Phone, Android and iOS. We were lucky enough to have helped bring up the mobile SDKs for Buddy. Taking the existing .NET SDK as a guide, we worked closely with Buddy to engineer and finesse the APIs so that they made sense to Android and iOS developers. Platform conventions, coding conventions, and common scenarios were all factored in to create usable and useful SDKs.

Buddy is an all-in-one platform which provides a Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS), as well as comprehensive analytics, empowering developers to be vastly more efficient in application development, leaving you to focus on the magic that is your app’s unique selling point. We have enjoyed seeing how quickly developers can take ideas and test them without having to reinvent the wheel.

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