We work with car manufacturers, data service providers, mobile operators and OEMs to prove what is possible with new technology and integrate new and multiple data sources into existing hardware and embedded systems.

Mobile diagnostics over Bluetooth

For a major US vendor, an OBD-II software library on Android for car diagnostics over Bluetooth, to be fed into an intelligent network and integrated into traffic data systems (e.g. with vehicle velocities, fuel consumption).

Traffic / navigation integration

Proof-of-concept for major US software vendor. This combined live road works, incident and congestion data with turn-by-turn navigation libraries to create dynamic routing based on live road conditions.

In-car head unit smartphone proxy

For Japanese OEM combining Bluetooth, MFi / USB connection with online service integration to provide live data to the head unit for better navigation. Traffic companion apps on Android / iOS for two major US car brands – integrating live traffic data based on location.

Inrix on/off-street parking

Proof-of-concept created for CES 2015.

Technology training

Ford internal training on new Microsoft technology integration, including Kinect, Windows 8 and Windows Phone.

General Motors

OTA device management proof of concept, allowing in-car customization and engineering/consumer diagnostics remotely via web interfaces.


Microsoft Auto PC embedded software – navigation UI and dashboard.

Matchbox mobile and its core team have been at the forefront of embedded and mobile technology since 1998.