Creating a Bluetooth beacon SDK and demo app for a leading provider of secure beacon technology.

A leading provider of secure beacon technology approached us with a problem. They needed low energy software development kits (SDK) which enabled communication between a Bluetooth Beacon and both Android 4.3 and Windows 8.1 devices.

The customer already had an iOS SDK in place, but wasn’t equipped to deal with the challenges of developing Android and Windows variants. Using the existing iOS SDK as a guide, we took advantage of Windows and Android programming models to bridge the gap between what the OS does, and what the Beacon needed. We developed an SDK to range, scan, and filter beacons, while also geographically monitoring consumer devices with precision. These and other variables also allow the setting of broadcasting frequencies, broadcasting power, and advertising intervals.

We engineered the SDKs to put developers in the driver’s seat. Some clients want to track visitor behavior to offer them relevant information and targeted ads. Others prioritise the integration of a consumer’s online behaviour with their in-store habits to develop a more complete marketing profile. Whichever approach the company wishes to take, the technology we built enables developers to achieve these outcomes. And we proved this with our very own coffee store demo app.

We integrated our SDK into a pre-existing coffee store app to enable the processing of pre-orders and subsequent mobile payments. Beacon technology was then used to detect when a pre-paid customer was within 300ft of the store. Baristas are notified via their own devices of this event, enabling them to make the customer’s coffee ahead of time. A second in-store beacon confirms their arrival, and the coffee is retrieved without further complications or the need to queue. Nobody has to wait, nobody loses custom because the line is too long, and everybody wins.
Adding intelligent location data to a retail application adds huge value to both customers and companies, entirely transforming the app from an intrusive afterthought to a crucial part of the consumer experience. Our knowledge of beacon technology has facilitated this change, enabling retailers to transform a simple branded app into a powerful mobile marketing device, and the potential to optimise and revolutionise the way they do business.

The SDKs Matchbox provided were engineered put more developers in the driving seat