Buddy and Matchbox buddy up to give mobile app developers an easier path to success.

The Buddy developer platform answers a great need for mobile app creators everywhere. It offers a rich set of APIs that open up online services for mobile apps – and take care of all the back-end and server work. What this means for developers is that you get essential features like online storage, user management, gaming, geolocation, messaging, push notifications and photo albums (with cool filters too!), without touching any server-side code.

Here at Matchbox we are great fans of freeing up developers and designers to create fantastic mobile experiences. At the same time we take great pride in solid engineering and bringing best practices to all mobile platforms. Hence we were delighted to take on the job of creating Android and iOS SDKs to wrap around the Buddy APIs, and make it easier for developers to integrate Buddy services into their apps.

Taking the existing .NET SDK as a guide, we worked closely with Buddy to engineer and finesse the APIs so that they made sense to Android and iOS developers. Platform conventions, coding conventions, and common scenarios were all factored in to create usable and useful SDKs.

The Android and iOS SDKs are now in Beta. We look forward to improving the SDKs to keep track of the evolving API library as well as taking in the essential feedback from real-world users – the developers using the SDKs to create their own cool products.

“Matchbox were our first choice for creating these SDKs,” says Dave McLauchlan, Buddy CEO and co-founder. “Given their breadth of experience on Android and iOS we knew they could take our APIs and make them more accessible and easier to use for mobile app devs on these two huge platforms.”

Here’s wishing all new app creators the best success using Buddy, and the new SDKs. We look forward to making things better and making your lives easier!

Given Matchbox Mobile's breadth of experience on Android and IOS we knew they could take our apis and make them more accessible and easier to use for mobile app devs on these two huge platforms
David McLauchlan
/ CEO - Buddy Platform, Inc.