We have been creating commercial and carrier-grade Azure-based systems since 2010, or the dawn of the Cloud era

For many of our customers we are bringing in Azure (and cloud tech) for the first time. Hence there is a work of evangelization and education as well as integration into legacy systems behind firewalls. Our projects often have elements of authentication and integration with non-cloud-base systems.

Operator reward platform

Secure Windows Azure back-end, mobile APIs, SAML-secured website, and mobile client integration on Android and iOS. Geo-replication and automatic alerts. Azure Machine Learning will help to fine tune business rules.

Microsoft | RE&F Data services Microsoft

Mobile APIs; API Management platform; SQL DB; Azure Storage; Active Directory Authentication for Microsoft employees; exposing and aggregating.

Bing | Get me there London

A mobile gateway connected to Transport For London’s back-end, and providing real-time updates via push notifications to London commuters on iPhone and Windows Phone.

Small carrier customisation

Web portal and a simple content server to allow regional US carriers to offer unique lock screens and app recommendations.

Microsoft | Switch to Windows phone

Matches Android apps to Windows phones apps using Azure Mobile Services. Focus on fast, simple and pain-free transfer with OneDrive integration for photo and video transfer.

T-Mobile | Family Room

Secure Windows Azure back-end for calendar sync, picture sharing and family chalkboards, with synchronization for Windows Phones.

I’m confident that as we move forward and implement richer feature sets, the Microsoft Azure platform will be able to scale and support a lot of capabilities
Joshua Lipe
/ Product Manager of Devices, T-Mobile