We recently built two proof of concepts that have applications for a mobile operator looking to build an IoT service.

Home Automation

A home-owner monitors, controls, and personalizes lighting and HVAC, either at home or a via secure remote interface. The home-owner shares and monetize their personalized data; the service provider analyzes and monetizes aggregated customer data.

  • A smart hub in the home
  • Secure, scalable back-end integrated with Mobile Operator and third-party systems
  • Responsive web front-end and mobile apps
  • Consumer dashboard showing energy consumption and trends
  • Data sharing with energy supplier
  • Machine Learning to analyze anonymized, aggregated data
  • Security alerts over the mobile network

Predictive Maintenance

A white goods and after-sales service provider equips fridges, ovens, and other white goods with connected sensors. These devices provide telemetry to a central back-end. The supplier uses telemetry data to predict faults and pre-empt callouts by sending replacement parts and instructions to the customer. The supplier benefits through improved resource planning and reduced call-out costs; the consumer benefits through reduced support incidents, lowered servicing costs, and peace of mind.

  • Mobile app and responsive web for service provider and customer
  • ERP and Logistics integration
  • OTA Updates for connected devices
  • Configurable supplier dashboard