Need a little more motivation to go on your daily run? Would being chased by hordes of the undead do the trick? That’s the premise of the ultra-immersive horror / fitness game Zombies, Run!

When London-based game creators Six to Start initially approached us with the idea, we were thrilled about the possibilities of bringing the innovative game onto Windows Phone.

Matchbox Mobile’s Creative Director James Morse explains: “Our main objective was to get the user out of the UI and up and running as efficiently as possible. We added a secondary tile that allows users to quickly continue a story directly from the start screen. This also displays the stories time and the distance covered at glance”

“Six to Start pretty much gave our creative team free reign. This allowed us to rethink the user-flow, iconography to create an experience unique to Windows Phone’s Metro design language.”

Technical challenges included making sure the app was fast and responsive, while managing several large audio and image files. Rik Dodsworth, Matchbox CTO: “One thing we focused on was making sure the app had enough resources when running in the background, and making sure we maintained a good user experience when leaving and returning to the app”.

Matchbox Mobile showed how they got what is important about Zombies, Run!, and how to make it an immersive, engaging experience. Even better, they understood how to make the app fit Windows Phone’s style and conventions. I particularly love the Slide to Run feature
Adrian Hon
/ CEO and co-founder at Six To Start

Zombies, Run! for Windows Phone launched early July 2012, after a two-month design and development phase. At the time of writing, it is the number 1-rated health & fitness app in the Windows Phone Marketplace.


  • Top paid health & fitness app in the UK & USA