Bluetooth Developer Studio Has Landed

We’ve only gone and bloody done it! Please excuse the burst of excitement, but after two years in the making, this is cause for well-earned celebration.

Bluetooth Developer Studio started off as an incredible idea, on which many people worked extremely hard to make a reality. It will revolutionise the way Bluetooth projects are currently built and speed up development of Internet of Things projects by removing a lot of the hard work, with a robust and easy to use piece of software. The Bluetooth Developer Studio is a quick way to integrate the Bluetooth protocol into a project by allowing you to drag and drop existing profiles to create a custom build with ease.

Within this game-changer of a tool you can create, adapt, verify and test Bluetooth profiles and services. Take a look at our case study for a full breakdown of features. Our aim was to provide a plug-in mechanism through which Bluetooth developers may create code stubs to use against their intended hardware target, and allow for testing of real hardware in addition to the virtualized testing.

The Bluetooth Developer Studio is unlike anything out there; while platform vendors do make IDEs for app development, and there are internal tool chains for hardware manufacturers, BDS was to be a whole new ball game. This meant that it had to entice developers in with an aesthetically pleasing user interface, and encourage them to experiment and get stuck in without a lot of overwhelming detail causing distraction. Bluetooth Developer Studio is about keeping the build fun, and allowing users to play and discover, without losing any of the intelligent functionality. It is a powerful, versatile tool that understands the importance of ‘playing nice’ with all platforms and tool chains.

Bluetooth Developer Studio is a learning tool as well as a production tool, and we are excited to hear feedback as we continue to refine the user experience.

So what are you waiting for?, Bluetooth Developer Studio has landed, go get it!