Farms of the Future

For many of us, the traditional food cycle meant childhood visits to the farm, feeding farmyard animals and seeing never-ending fields of crops in the great...


Top Tech Picks from Rio 2016

This Summer we’ve all been tuned in to the 2016 Olympics, and we’ve seen many new gadgets shown off by both the TV crews and the athletes. This article...


The Death of the Wallet

In recent years the use of cash has declined within the UK economy, with the levels of card payments on the rise accounting for 32% of GDP (Gross Domestic...


How I experienced the tech revolution

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  • Android
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  • Microsoft Azure

From the Nokia 6210, to my intelligent digital personal assistant.


BBC micro:bit

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  • micro:bit

While surfing the net for the latest micro controller news, I came across an article on the BBC about the new micro:bit; a small micro controller which will...


Who gets to rewrite the rules of the road?

The rapid increase in smart technology and the Internet of Things is readily apparent in the world of transportation. The decrease in road accidents...


Bridging Bluetooth and the IoT

This is an adaptation of the Matchbox talk we gave at Bluetooth World 2016, Levi’s Stadium, California.


Moving on from Mobile

This year’s annual trip to the Mobile World Congress 2016 in Barcelona was a strange one, because nobody seemed to be here for the mobile phones –...


Submitting an Alexa Skill

Submitting a skill to Amazon can be broken down into 4 main steps.

Alexa Meeting Room Assistant (3)

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The Latest Tech for You and Your Pet

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This is a story about how the Internet of Things is impacting one of the most important things in our lives: our pets.

How smart is your city?

Over half of the world’s population live in cities; 34 of these alone have over 10 million residents. Cities are investing in advanced infrastructures,...

Virtual Reality in 2016

  • Microsoft
  • Sony

Virtual Reality has long been transforming the plans for big industries, and that does not seem to be slowing down!


Connected Cooking and a Kitchen Evolution

Life in the kitchen has seen a steady evolution over time, starting with the design and architecture. The kitchen used to be an area reserved for servants...


What is smart about home insurance?

  • IoT

Smart technology is stepping into homes around the world and insurers want to get involved. The connected home allows you and your insurer to monitor and...


Technology to swear by, on, or at

As we flew back from Mobile World Congress 2016, our minds full of visions of connected cars and dreams of smart cities, we came across a newspaper article...


How to Create a UWP Application with Bluetooth Developer Studio

In this post I will show you how you can use those tools to create a heart rate monitoring application within minutes.

AllJoyn + Philips Hue = Spectrum

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  • Windows IoT Core


Email-a-Tree and Netflix Socks

Alexa Meeting Room Assistant (2)

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