AP Mobile

Giving the Associated Press Mobile application a UI and feature reboot.

AP Mobile

Giving the Associated Press Mobile application a UI and feature reboot.

The Associated Press (AP) has long understood the importance of a mobile presence. AP has applications on all the major mobile devices, and is continually working to improve the user experience offered and to be there on the best and newest phones. The AP Windows Mobile app has been one of the most popular Windows Marketplace downloads, which made it a high-profile case for further improvement.

AP identified two things they wanted to change. First:  a better user interface, more in keeping with the family of AP Mobile products on other platforms. Second:  a better user experience, with a boost in features to match AP’s other Mobile applications; gesture support, video stories and search were three high-priority features that they wished to appear in the new version.

Our aim at Matchbox was to give AP a new Windows Mobile app that matched the state of the art in UI, features and modes of interaction, while also making sure it fit the Windows Mobile conventions and styles.

Our initial research phase involved close collaboration with AP while we examined their other mobile apps, identifying what was common to each app and what made for a consistent and rich user experience. Once we had gathered the data we began to map the intended experience and branding requirements onto a range of Windows Mobile device types. Our iterative design cycle entailed wireframes, flows, and mock-ups, adding detail as we worked in feedback from AP.

As a result of Matchbox Mobile’s involvement, AP for Windows Mobile is now a state-of-the-art application offering the advanced features and modern UI that users have come to expect.

Matchbox have delivered a very high-quality application. We are delighted with the new features and improvements to the app
Michael Boord
Director, Mobile Operations at Associated Press


  • Official Associated Press app for Windows Mobile


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